September 07 2023

10 Ways to Contribute to Bat Conservation

Bats play a crucial role in our ecosystem by acting as natural pest controllers, pollinators, and seed dispersers. However, they are increasingly under threat due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and other environmental challenges. If you're looking to get involved in bat conservation efforts, you...
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June 07 2023

Bat House Dimensions - Expert Recommendations

The first thing to consider when looking for a bat house is the size of the bat house. Size is one of the most important features in a successful bat house. Merlin Tuttle, a renowned bat conservationist and expert, strongly recommends bat houses that are large enough to accommodate a substantial ...
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May 16 2023

How to (harmlessly) Deter Woodpeckers from your Bat House

The best, expert approved, bat houses are made from wood, which mimic soem bats' natural environment: rough tree bark.  But bats aren't the only animals that like wood surfaces... Occasionally, woodpeckers might be tempted to bother your bat house. Let's talk about some ways we can prevent them...
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March 15 2023

What bugs do bats eat?

There are over 1400 species of bats, and they specialize in eating many different things: from moths to mosquitoes, to lizards to pollen. However, 70% of the worlds’ bats are exclusively insect-eaters, and in North America, nearly all of the bat species are insectivores, meaning they eat insects....
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