New Partnership with Gotham Bat Conservancy

November 30 2022 – Jessica Woodend

We are excited to partner with Gotham Bat Conservancy in their mission to provide sustainable habitat for bats across New York, the North East, and beyond.

One of our goals here at BatBnB is to align with non-profit organizations that are doing impactful work in the world of bat conservation. 

Who is GBC?

"The Gotham Bat Conservancy was founded in response to the endemic of White-Nose Syndrome, a deadly disease caused by the Pseudogymnoascus distructans fungus, which has devastated New York State’s cave bat population, as well as the wider destruction of bat habitats across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

GBC works to rehabilitate the image of bats through education about the essential role that bats play in our environment and economy, with a focus on dispelling the many myths that have lead to widespread fear of these gentle creatures. Beyond education, we provide materials and resources for ecological restoration, bolstering the bat population in New York City and beyond.

Join us in our mission to ensure a better future for bats and humans alike."

Why bats?

"Bats are important to a variety of ecological, social, and economic systems. Bats save farmers in the United States $23 billion annually in crop losses through pest control, and decrease the reliance on pesticides. In the Southwestern United States, bats serve as the primary pollinators of agave and cactus plants. Bats also serve as the primary seed dispersers in tropical reforestation, bringing 95% of seeds for regrowth of clearcut forests.

Without the bats that keep insect populations in check and serve as pollinators and seed dispersers, the ecosystems in which we live and we rely upon are vulnerable and seriously threatened. Join us in our mission to ensure a better future for New York's bats and humans alike."

Meet the team behind GBC:

Ryan Mahoney: President & Principal Biologist/Co-Founder

"Bats have been one of my favorite animals since I was a kid.  They are one of New York's iconic animals. I spent a lot of time reading comic books about Gotham City's adventures and superheros in my bedroom in the real life Gotham City. But, as with many other animals over the past few decades, bat populations have been in severe decline. As I grew up I pursued an education in wildlife conservation and environmental biology. Over the years, I have developed and launched many conservation programs for a variety of organizations in and around New York City that focused on native bees, butterflies, oysters, and birds. However, one of my favorite animals remained underserved but highly deserving."

Roxanne Quilty: Executive Director/Co-Founder

"Roxanne has spent the better part of a decade in the world of nonprofit organizations, particularly in the political arena. Having spent many years contributing to the success of others and their organizations she felt like it was time to pursue her own venture that focused on her lifelong passion of helping animals. So together we decided that we wanted to create an organization that focused specifically on bats, their protection, their conservation, and to completely overhaul their PR to reflect more accurately their true nature and importance."

Gotham Bat Conservancy is our first Affiliate Organization Partner. Purchasing through BatBnB with the code GOTHAM gets you 15% off, with 10% of proceeds going back to GBC to help with their community work. 

Learn more about GBC and follow them on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.

Watch our Live IG chat with GBC here


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