Holiday Gift Guide

November 02 2022 – Jessica Woodend

Tis the season to start your Holiday shopping!
We made it easy for you to shop for everyone on your list. Here are some of our best-selling items from all price points, and recommendations for who these gifts would be best for.
Enjoy your holiday shopping experience! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions:
Cedar bat house from BatBnB


This is our best-selling Single-chamber bat house.

This bat house can house up to 50 bats.

A natural solution for backyard insect control

Ideal for testing bat needs in a new area where bat houses haven’t previously been used. bat expert dr. merlin tuttle recommends trying two: placing one so that it is more exposed to the sun than the other. using this initial approach can double the odds of success. bats like options!

Can be installed on a building or a pole. See our Hanging Guide for placement tips

This is a great gift for:

Anyone wanting to get started with bat houses


Someone interested in sustainability and natural products

Anyone looking for a natural solution for insect control

Wildlife enthusiasts

Bat lovers

Families that enjoy observing animals in their backyard

Bat house with multiple chambers from BatBnB


This is our best-selling Dual-chamber bat house

This bat house can house up to 120 bats

All of our bat house designs have great ventilation, tall chambers, thorough sealant applied, a large landing area with grooves, and are made out of high-quality lumber. All the best for the bats!

Helping animals in need while benefiting from the insect control they provide.

This size is great if you want to provide an excellent, safe home for bats; you have a large mosquito or pest problem; if you want to host a bat maternity colony.

Can be installed on a building or a pole.

This gift is great for:

Someone that knows they have bats in the area, or is excited to provide a home for a good number of bats


Wildlife enthusiast/Conservationist

Bat lover

Someone looking for a natural solution for insect control

A bat plushy from BatBnB

Echo the Little brown bat Plushy

Recently released and flying off the shelves!

The softest, cuddliest bat plushy. With wings that can fold around itself or be spread out, this plushy is the highest quality in softness.

With incredible embroidered details, this batty stands about 10 inches tall from tip of the ear to the toes with a wingspan of 16 inches.

This gift is great for:

Kids of all ages (all details are embroidered so there are no plastic pieces that could fall off)

Anyone who loves bats

Someone who has always wanted to cuddle a cute bat

Yourself! ;)

Use the code ECHO for $5.00 off

Bat Detector from BatBnB

Bat Detector: The Echometer Touch 2 from Wildlife Acoustics

For Android devices only (device not included)

This device allows you to listen to and IDENTIFY the species of bats you have in your area. Taking the ultrasonic echolocation sounds produced by bats and making them a frequency that we can hear, the Echometer helps to identify the bat species as you listen!

This gift is great for:

Families and individuals that love outdoor activities


Android users

Yourself ;)

Science and wildlife enthusiasts

Bat t-shirts from BatBnB

Batty t-shirts

Designed with our Community for our Community!

The v-neck has been a best-seller this season

Kids sizes: XS-L

Adult sizes: S-2XL

Logo t-shirts, and bat t-shirts featuring our adorable Little brown bat

Multiple color choices

This gift is a great option for anyone on your list!

 Gift card

Still not sure? There's always a giftcard!


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