Bat Detector

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*EMT2 USB-C units now work with USB-C iOS devices as well as Androids.

Do you want to know what species of bats are using your bat house? You can listen and identify them with this!

Flying at night, using ultrasonic vocalizations — bats can be hard for people to detect. But with the sophisticated technology inside the affordably priced Echo Meter Touch 2 from Wildlife Acoustics, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional-quality, interactive bat detector, allowing you to hear and record bats flying above you in real-time!

Here is a video on how to get started with the bat detector. 

*If you use an iOS device you'll need to update the firmware. Here's how. You will need access to an Android device to update the firmware before it can function with iOS devices. These do not work with with iOS devices using an adapter, you must have a newer iOS device with a USB-C port.

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