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Welcome the ultimate Black Friday Bat Bundle into your home and garden! This extraordinary collection combines eco-friendly pest control with interactive technology and charming comfort, all in one exceptional package.

The Arroyo, single-chamber BatBnB - A beautifully crafted bat house that's not only an attractive addition to your backyard but also a natural way to diminish mosquitoes and pests. Capable of sheltering 40-50 bats, it's made from sustainable Western Red Cedar and boasts a design endorsed by bat experts. It's not just a home for bats; it's a statement piece that shows your commitment to supporting our ecosystem.

Echo Meter Touch 2 for Android - Transform your smartphone or tablet into a bat-detecting genius. With the Echo Meter Touch 2, you can listen to and record the ultrasonic vocalizations of bats in real-time, identifying the species flitting through the night sky and calling your BatBnB home.

BatBnB Baby Echo Plushy - After a night of bat-watching, snuggle up with the adorable Baby Echo plushy, a soft and cuddly representation of the Little Brown Bat. With its lifelike details and an impressive wingspan, this plushy is not just a toy but a celebration of these misunderstood creatures.

Get your bundle today, and step into a world where conservation meets technology and cuddly charm. This is your chance to make a difference, enjoy nature's wonders, and embrace the softest bat hug you've ever known!

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