Bat Friends, Dual-chamber Bundle

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Unleash the ultimate Black Friday savings with our "Bat Friends Bundle"!

Dive into the enchanting world of bat conservation with the Seneca BatBnB, a masterful piece of craftsmanship designed to be the perfect sanctuary for our winged friends. With its spacious dual-chambered design, it accommodates 100-120 bats, standing as a natural defense against pests and a beacon of sustainability, crafted from Western Red Cedar sourced with care.

But the bat celebration doesn't stop there! The fabdog® Bat faball® is a dog's dream, combining the thrill of a squeaky toy with the durability for endless play. Designed for both bounce and squeak, it's an ode to your love for bats and a promise of fun for your canine companion.

Cuddle up with the BatBnB Baby Echo Plushy, the softest, most endearing bat you'll ever hug. With its intricate details and a wingspan of 16 inches, this plushy is not just a toy; it's a plushy pal for life.

And lastly, our "Save the Bat" Stickers. These cut-to-size, durable vinyl stickers are a beacon of support for bat conservation, perfect for personalizing your gear.

Bundle and save through 11/26.

Only 40 left!
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