Customer Experience: Bat Heaven

August 12 2022 – Jessica Woodend

Bat Heaven!

Submitted by Linna Falzone

My husband and I have enjoyed watching bats since childhood.  After noticing multiple bats in our area, we thought a bat house might encourage more bats to visit our property. Since we grow crops each year, limiting destructive pests was also a consideration.

 After researching housing options, we decided on the Bat BNB.  I loved the look and ease of installation. 

 We installed our first Bat BNB with great anticipation.  We were warned that it might take years to attract residents, or they may never make it their home. However, in just over 18 months, we had amazing results.  Over 200 bats in our one house.  Fast forward and now we have 2 Bat BNB houses!  Our houses are installed back-to-back on the same pivoting 20’ pole.  The second house has only been up for 6 weeks and is already occupied.

The second BatBnB going up, in lowered position before raising the post.

We absolutely love sunset each day when we can watch our cauldron of bats leave the roost.  Such an amazing and gratifying sight to watch them fill the evening sky. We never dreamed we would have the result we have seen.  Clearly, our bats love their Bat BNBs!

We can’t express how truly impressed we are with our Bat BNBs and how quickly the bats have made them home.

 Linna and Mike Falzone

NW Florida


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