Can rats, snakes, or other animals get into my bat house?

February 17 2022 – Emily Stanford

If I put up a bat house, is it possible for rats, snakes, wasps, or other animals to live in the bat box instead?

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can you attract bats to your yard with a bat house, without having to worry about other animals overrunning it.

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Yes unfortunately some bat houses that aren’t designed well can be home to a range of other animals, but we’ve designed BatBnBs with the help of bat experts, so that they don’t have this problem.

Avoid Bat Boxes with a horizontal landing


Try to avoid purchasing or building a bat house that has a horizontal landing. This will make your bat house a comfy, dry home for any animal that can climb: like rats, mice, snakes, squirrels, etc. While these animals are important too, they don’t provide us with the same pest control benefits that bats do. 

Rodent inhabiting a bat box with a horizontal landing pad


If your bat house has an open bottom, then only animals that can hang while sleeping can live there. That narrows it down to bats and wasps.

Bat houses with open bottoms are ideal



Wasps can make tasty treats for insectivorous bats, but you may still not want wasps living there.  So we have a way built into BatBnBs to help deter wasps from occupying it. BatBnB’s chambers are sized at the best recommended dimensions for deterring wasp occupation, as well as common predators like snakes.

Learn more about how to harmlessly deter wasps from your bat house here!

Because the bat house’ chambers are so thin, it’s very unlikely that rats, snakes, or wasps will set up residents, especially if it is hung at the recommended height of 15 feet above the ground or the nearest obstacle.

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